Arc Trainer

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Cybex Arc Trainers

The Cybex Arc Trainer is unlike any cross trainer or elliptical. With a range of inclines and resistance the Arc Trainer combines 3 machines in 1.

At low incline levels users can “glide” to simulate a cross country skiing action.

At mid-range incline levels the motion is more like an elliptical stride but maintains correct posture and position to reduce the stress on joints.

At high incline levels the Arc Trainer simulates a stepper giving users a more intense leg workout.

The patented Arc motion is the secret behind what makes the Arc Trainer better than conventional crosstrainers and ellipticals. The unique range of motion ensures users are exercising in a biomechanically correct pathway, engages the correct muscles without creating strain on the joints, as the muscles are working harder they require more energy. This leads to more calorie burning and a more intense workout on the quads and glutes rather than straining the knees, hips and lower back. Added to this the Arc Trainers range of incline and resistance means you can adapt the trainer to suit your workout needs.

The Eddy Current Load Dependant resistance system allows the Arc trainer to offer the exact same workout no matter how much the user weighs. This makes challenging friends to a workout much more competitive to see who comes out on top.