Commercial Fitness Machines

Commercial Fitness Machines

Buying Commercial Gym Equipment

As the manager or owner of a commercial gym, exercise studio or workplace fitness facility the onus is on you to ensure that all gym equipment available for use is fit for the job. Equipment which is designed and warrantied for domestic settings is not suitable for heavy daily usage, and should anything untoward happen your insurers are likely to invalidate a claim involving a domestic machine, potentially leaving the gym or business with a pay out in excess of the cost of buying commercial fitness machines in the first place.

In other words, cutting corners and buying equipment which is not fit for the job is a false economy. Unfortunately, accidents do happen ... and so do claims.

So why do gym owners decide to take the risk and cut corners? On the face of it the most likely reason is to save money, but it is also possible that the business does not have sufficient working capital to investment in fully warrantied commercial gym equipment. But the good news is that leasing companies exist to assist with funding this gap and we`d be happy to explain more so please call us.

As for our preferrences regarding which brands are best suited for gyms a look at our website will reveal we have selected Landice, Cybex, Bodytone and Steelflex for full commercial solutions, with Kettler for small school gyms and physios.

Interestingly, Landice and Cybex have been producing high quality, award winning and scientific based treadmills and gym equipment for nearly five decades each. We are proud to work with brands that have such confidence-inspiring heritage, and feel sure you will great satisfaction from owning and using such fine products.