Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines

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  • DKN R-400 Rowing Machine

    * Dual Air-Magnetic resistance (11kg flywheel)
    * 16 levels of challenging resistance
    * Double seat rail for added stability
    * LCD console with 12 pre set workouts

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  • Kettler Axos Rower

    • Sturdy Sleek Design Rowing Machine
    • 4kg Flywheel for a smooth operation
    • Rope pull system with 8 levels of magnetic resistance
    • Folds away for easy storage
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  • Kettler Stroker Rowing Machine

    • Single handed rowing style
    • 4kg Flywheel for a smooth operation
    • 8 Levels of magnetic resistance
    • 5 Workout statistics
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  • Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine

    • Has a longer frame for a better workout
    • Non-wear magnetic brake system
    • Console with 6 Functions
    • 18 Additional strength and fitness exercises
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  • WaterRower A1 Rowing Machine

    * Entry level machine in the Waterrower range
    * Hand crafted with premium Ash wood with an aluminium seat rail
    * Easily manoeuvrable and stores upright
    * Stylish in design and whisper quiet water resistance system

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  • DKN R-500 Rowing Machine

    * Combines both magentic and air resistance (12kg flywheel)
    * Designed for heavy duty use with 16 levels of resistance
    * 20" seat height for easy mounting and dismounting
    * 5.5" LCD console with 12 pre set workouts

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  • WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

    * Lightweight commercial grade club model
    * Has a smooth ergonomic action
    * A whisper quiet water resistance system
    * Stores upright when not in use

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  • WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

    * Our most popular Waterrower
    * Handcrafted made out of Premium Hardwood
    * Smooth quiet water resistance system
    * Stylish in design and perfect for the home

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  • WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine

    * Handcrafted in the USA
    * Made from premium hardwood finished in Dainish Oil
    * Aesthetically pleasing design perfect in any home
    * Self regulating resistance

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  • WaterRower M1 LoRise Rowing Machine

    * Lightweight commercial grade rowing machine
    * Handcrafted from powder coated tubular steel
    * Smooth ergonomic action  
    * Easily manoeuvrable and stores upright
    * Stylish in design, perfect for the home 

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  • WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine

    * Classic and popular design
    * Handcrafted from premium hardwood
    * The harder you row the harder the resistance
    * Can be stored upright when not in use

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  • WaterRower M1 HiRise Rowing Machine

    * Handcrafted Lightweight commercial Waterrower
    * Made from powder coated tubular steel
    * Smooth ergonomic action
    * Easily manoeuvrable and stores upright
    * Higher entry point (20”) than other models

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  • Kettler Coach S Rowing Machine

    • Has a distinctive look and extra seat track for tall people
    • 6kg Flywheel ensures a smooth motion
    • Exercise programmes can be controlled via smartphone
    • Adjustable footplates for added comfort
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Rowing Machines

Rowing is a great way to get in shape, not only does the activity have a high demand for calories it can also tone more muscle groups than other cardiovascular machines.

As with most gym equipment, there are different types and differing qualities of rowing machines. Early models used hydraulic cylinders or springs as means of resistance, and seldom felt good to use. Thankfully better options exist these days.

Magnetism is one popular option, and whilst far superior to the machines of old this form of resistance still falls short of providing a really satisfying feel to the rowing stroke. Fortunately two other forms of resistance are available: air and water.

An air rower contains a fan connected to the cord or chain which the user pulls during the rowing stroke, thereby creating resistance as the fan turns against the air. This type of rower can be found in many commercial gyms, but in recent years new models featuring magnetism as well as air resistance have become available, and they are certainly worthy of consideration.

But one the best designs in the world of gym equipment is undoubtedly the Waterrower.

As the name suggests, you simply row against a body of water. And the sound is wonderful. Waterrower maintain that you do not need a resistance dial, you simply row faster, as you would if rowing on a river or lake.

The rowing machines are handcrafted. Originally only a wooden finish was available, though now a couple of metal finishes are options. And when not in use you can simply stand your Waterrower on its end, saving a great amount of space. A very well thought out rowing machine, beautifully made and a pleasure to own and use.