Strength Equipment

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  • DKN Heavy Duty Cross Fit Half Rack

    * Designed for performing cross fit exercises
    * Use for training with power bands or suspension trainers
    * Includes a pull up station
    * Suitable for shoulders press, squats, bench press, incline press
    * Compatible with optional DKN Utility Bench and Dip Handles

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  • DKN Pecdec Pulley Attachment

    * Pec Deck for focused chest development
    * Pulley station for a whole range of different cable exercises
    * Solid, durable construction
    * Suitable for Standard and Olympic Weight Plates

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  • DKN Heavy Duty Linear Smith Machine

    * Heavy duty steel tube construction
    * Linear bearing Smith system
    * 220 cm solid Olympic lifting bar
    * Hard-chromed solid guide rods
    * Multi-position rack for free weight barbell work-out
    * Optional Pec Deck / Pulley Attachment

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3 Item(s)

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