Landice Gym and Fitness Equipment

Landice are about to celebrate their fiftieth year in the treadmill business. Recenty we visited their production facility in the USA where engineers hand build these legendary running machines. Many of the staff have worked for Landice for many years and their pride in what they do shows in the way they speak about their role in the manufacturing process. It`s a great atmosphere, relaxed yet very busy and productive.

Not so long ago Landice expanded their offering to include other pieces of gym equipment. Firstly, they introduced a cross trainer, calling it an Elliptimill, built in response to requests and feedback from their older loyal customers who wanted to continue some sort of running program for their fitness but on a machine with greatly reduced impact. The Elliptimill solves other problems too. It is easier to get on to than most other cross trainers and features hand rails for extra safety and assistance. For gym owners or managers the compact design is a big plus point, allowing for more of this popular type of exercise machine to be featured in the gym area.

Landice now have two exercise bikes in their range, an upright and a recumbent, both commercial products and built to the same impeccable standards as their treadmills and cross trainers.

Whilst built for the commercial sector, many buyers of Landice equipment are indiviuals, descerning people looking to buy the best because they know from experience that great quality usually pays for itself in the long run.