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Gym Equipment

Thank you for visiting the GymWorld website, we hope you find exactly the machine or apparatus you are searching for.

If you are new to fitness and browsing the website in the early stages of research, please know that we are on hand, via telephone or email, to help with any queries you may have about the gym equipment we sell. We understand that the variety of machines and wide range prices are bound to raise questions about what type of gym machine would be best for you, as well as how much you need to spend.

For those who know what they want, you may wish to simply order online, in which we will contact you to arrange delivery. Most of our products are available with Free Delivery to mainland UK addresses.

Probably one of the most common reasons that motivates people to exercise is to look good, either for themselves or so that they appear attractive and healthy to others. Some of us will exercise simply because we feel better and enjoy it, enabling us to perform daily physical tasks comfortably, without experiencing breathlessness or muscular failure. An exercise regime that comprises workouts on both cardiovascular fitness machines and weight training equipment is good way to ensure these results.

In this category of our website you will find a selection of high quality multi gyms and functional trainers, weight training benches and weights plates, both cast iron and rubber, along with a variety of fixed and adjustable dumbbells. We also feature a collection of cable attachments to help you fully utilise single station weight machines and multi gyms.

Our preferred suppliers for single station strength machines and heavy duty weights benches are Steelflex, Bodytone and a brand name that you may already know York Barbell, one the World`s longest running gym equipment companies who produce very heavy duty professional strength equipment as well as weights and benches for those starting out in training.

Multi Gyms are a s popular as ever, being a great space saving solution for home gym rooms and studios, and it be unusual of us not to mention Inspire Fitness who are a brand we have a huge amount of respect for. You may also like to look at their exceptional Functional Trainers.

We know that price can sometimes be an issue, in which case please contact us. We do monitor prices but it is possible to sometimes miss someone else`s promotions, so we`d be grateful for the call and would hope to give you the best deal we possibly can.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you are looking to fit out a new home gym or studio, or just re-equip and an existing facility. Any advice is freely given and we would be happy to look at a discount for a large project. Please call or email us.