Leg Extension Machines

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  • Bodytone E52 Leg Extension

    * Fully commercial Leg Extension - 95kg weight stack
    * Hypoallergenic, padded leather seats and backrests 
    * Colour coded weight stacks (Green - Yellow - Red)

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  • Steelflex Plateload Leg Extension

    * Strong sturdy designed frame
    * 100 degree angle between seat and backpad
    * Both legs can be used together or independently
    * For olympic plates with 4 storage posts

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  • Steelflex Mega Power Leg Extension MLE-200

    * Includes a personal coach functions
    * Auto detection of weight resistance
    * High quality plates 95kg weight stack
    * Extra strong cables

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  • Cybex Eagle NX Leg Extension

    The Cybex Eagle NX Leg Extension promotes safe and efficient movements, whilst making sure users are engaging the correct muscles and following the correct range of motion.

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Leg Extension Machine

There`s some debate regarding Leg Extensions, with some people feeling the exercise contributes nothing to leg development, or that it can be damaging. Certainly damage could arise from trying to lift poundages or perform rep ranges that are excessive. But regarding the effectiveness of the exercise for building muscle - if controlled progressive weight traing principles underly the routine then some muscular growth will be experienced. Not as much as you would get from Squats or Leg Presses. A Leg Extension is an isolation exercise, afterall. So if compound movements such as Squats cannot be performed, Leg Extensions will be useful as a means to exercise the quadriceps.