Weight Benches

Weight Benches

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  • York FTS Leg Developer Attachment

    * Attachment to fit the Flex or Combo Bench
    * Has a 9" long - loading peg for 1" plates
    * Can be modified to fit olympic plates
    * Padded foam rollers for comfort

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  • Inspire Preacher Curl Attachment for FID and SCS Benches

    * Preacher Attachment for FID and SCS Benches
    * Electrostatic durable two tone powder coat finish 
    * 2 x 4" oval and 3" round 11 gauge steel frame
    * Very substantial attachment

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  • York FTS Preacher Curl Attachment

    * Preacher Curl Attachment to fit Flex or Combo Bench
    * Extra thick padding on the upholstery for comfort
    * Easily slots into the bench when in use

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  • Inspire Leg Attachment For FID and SCS Benches

    * Leg Attachment for FID and SCS Benches
    * Made of robust 2 x 4 oval and 3" round 11 gauge tubular steel
    * Quality vinyl covered foam rollers for added comfort
    * Weight bar for plate loading

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  • York Heavy Duty Squat Stands

    * Heavy duty squat stands made from 2" steel tubing
    * Height adjustable from 100 to 171cm
    * Features a weight plate storage post
    * 150kg max load (for the pair)

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  • Inspire Folding Bench

    This great versatile folding bench from Inspire Fitness is easy to store away in small spaces when not in uses. It has an incline/decline position which is excellent for different types of exercises, great for different angles when training your pectoral muscles. Although it is extremely sturdy it is also made of a light weight structure, which is easy to manoever around the home.

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  • York FTS Adjustable Sit Up Board

    * Fully adjustable sit up board
    * 20 degree decline up to 45 degree decline
    * Generously padded back rest
    * 2 Sets of foam rollers

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  • DKN FID Elite Heavy Duty Utility Bench

    * Heavy gauge tubular steel frame construction
    * Premium foam padding on the seat and backrest
    * Large comfortable foam rollers
    * Strong sturdy bench perfect for the home trainer

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  • York FTS Flat to Incline Bench

    * A fantastic compact dumbell bench for any studio or club environment
    * It has a 6 position 0-90 degree incline
    * 3 position, “pull-pin” seat/base pad adjustment for greater support 
    * Strong sturdy frame

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  • York FTS Seated Preacher Curl

    * For small gyms or home use
    * Solid sturdy frame fully height adjustable
    * 3" Upper pad is contoured for ultimate comfort

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  • Inspire FID Bench

    • Strong sturdy bench from Inspire Fitness
    • Heavy duty rectangular and round gauge tubular steel
    • Two tone electrostatic powder coat offers a maintenance free finish
    • For comfort it has contoured orthopaedic pads


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  • York FTS Olympic Fixed Flat Bench

    * A great strong olympic flat bench from York
    * Made from 2" x 3" Steel Tubing
    * Wide triangle footprint ensures the ultimate level in stability
    * Telescopic upright extends up to 115cm

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  • York 540 Folding Squat Bench

    * A strong versatile bench for home use
    * Leg attachment and squat facility
    * Height adjustable bar racks for versatile training
    * Folds away neatly when not in use
    * Storage space for spare weight plates


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  • DKN FID Elite Heavy Duty Utility Bench with Attachments

    * A great package for the home fitness enthusiast
    * Perfect to use for a complete training routine
    * Oversized foam rollers on the leg attachments
    * Can be used with standard and olympic plates
    * Thick upholstery for added comfort

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  • York FTS Flex Bench With Leg Hold Down

    * A very popular bench from York
    * Durable powder coat finish.
    * Thick upholstery and10 cm thick foam rollers
    * Has a 6 position 0-90 degree adjustable incline

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  • Steelflex Neo Utility Stool

    * Stable designed frame
    * Long seat pad
    * 5cm thick upholstery
    * Powder coated frame

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  • York FTS Press Squat Stand

    * The freestanding Press-Squat stands are ideal for use in a studio where maximising space is an issue. The main telescopic uprights are height adjustable from 102cm up to 154cm in 5cm increments, utilising the “twist n pull” pin system that has been mastered by York

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  • Inspire SCS Bench

    • An strong, durable bench from Inspire
    • Can be used with the FT2 or Smith Cage System
    • Made from heavy duty tubular steel
    • Adjusts to give variety of training positions
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  • York STS Flat to Incline Bench

    The Flat-Incline Bench offers the very best in dumbell bench design and technology.  The 320mm x 910mm back/seat adjusts from 0, 30, 40, 65, 80 to 90 degrees of inclination, using a simple and robust hook and pin back pad support. The pivot points of this support are lined by bronze bushes.  The tapered 260mm-215mm x 420mm Seat Pad has a 3 position incline to ensure comfort and lower back support are still maintained even when the bench is in an incline position.

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  • York FTS Olympic Combo Bench

    * Strong popular olympic bench from York
    * Fully adjustable telescopic uprights for different exercises
    * Thick padding to offer the highest level of support
    * Includes Leg Developer with foam rollers
    * Wide stands to support a 7ft olympic bar

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  • Steelflex Neo Flat Bench

    * Lovely simple designed bench 
    * Strong strength oval steel frame
    * Thick comfortable upholstery
    * 3 Strong leg posts

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  • Bodytone EB04 Evolution Flat Bench

    * Solid Sturdy and durable flat bench
    * Transport wheels and mobility handle for easy movement
    * Fully commercial perfect for any Gym or Studio

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  • Bodytone EB13 Evolution Multifunction Bench

    * Strong sturdy Multifunction bench from Bodytone
    * Strong sturdy heavy duty frame
    * Contoured thick upholstery for added comfort
    * Double coated in epoxy polyester powder paint

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  • Bodytone Stretch Bench

    * Stretch out your tight muscles after training
    * Helps to Improve posture and reduce back pain
    * Stretching aids in overall better flexibility
    * A must have machine in any home gym

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  • Bodytone EB02 Evolution Preacher Curl Bench

    * Solid Steel Durable Preacher Curl Bench
    * Adjustable seat pad
    * Fully Commercial perfect for any gym or studio

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  • Steelflex Neo Preacher Curl

    * Made from high-tensile strength oval steel
    * Adjustable height seat and anti-slip footrest
    * Thick upholstery for comfort
    * Has a front bar holder 

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  • Bodytone EB03 Evolution Dumbbell Bench

    * Multiposition bench with adjustable backrest and seat
    * 10 backrest positions for incline flat or decline
    * Fully commercial perfect for any gym or studio

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  • Steelflex Neo Flat Incline Decline Bench

    * A great classic designed bench
    * Heavy duty steel frame
    * Thick upholstery for comfort
    * 6 Adjustable back positions

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  • Steelflex Neo Roman Chair

    * A lovely designed Roman Chair
    * Made from high-tensile oval steel
    * High quality hand grips
    * Adjustable foot rollers

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  • Bodytone EB10 Evolution Dip and Knee Raise Bench

    * Vertical Knee Raise with dipping station
    * Double padded forearm pads and backrest
    * 2 sets of neoprene covered handles with aluminium ends

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  • Bodytone EB05 Evolution Seated Calf Bench

    * Plate Loading Seated Calf Bench
    * Height adjustable leg pad and neoprene covered handles

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  • Bodytone EB09 Evolution Hyperextension Bench

    * Solid and Sturdy adjustable Hyperextension Bench
    * Transport wheels and mobility handle for easy movement
    * Fully commercial perfect for any Gym or Studio

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  • Bodytone EB11 Evolution Abdominal Bench

    * Adjustable abdominal bench
    * Transport wheels and mobility handle for easy movement

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  • Steelflex Neo Olympic Flat Bench

    * Great design with 2 bar positions
    * Anti-slip spotter platform
    * 2 storage posts for olympic plates
    * Ideal for commercial use

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  • Steelflex Neo Olympic Decline Bench

    * Made from high tensile strength oval steel
    * Has an anti-slip platform
    * 2 Bar positions on the frame
    * Adjustable pads for different positioning

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  • Steelflex Neo Olympic Incline Bench

    * Has an anti-slip spotter platform
    * 2 bar positions
    * Adjustable height seat
    * 4 storage posts for olympic plates

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  • Bodytone EB08 Evolution Olympic Flat Bench

    * Fixed flat bench with two sets of bar catchers
    * Weight banks on either side for plate storage
    * Heavy duty commercial bench ideal for all gyms and studios

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  • Bodytone EB06 Evolution Olympic Decline Press Bench

    * Fixed Decline setting with two sets of bar catchers
    * Weight banks on either side for plate storage
    * Adjustable leg rest making it safe for users

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  • Steelflex Neo Olympic Military Rack

    * High tensile oval steel frame
    * 2 bar positions at the front back and back
    * Adjustable height seat
    * Anti-slip spotter platform

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  • Bodytone EB07 Evolution Olympic Incline Press Bench

    * Fixed Incline setting with two set of bar catchers
    * Weight banks on either side for plate storage
    * Height adjustable seat pad 

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  • Cybex Big Iron Adjustable Dumbbell Bench

    The Cybex Big Iron adjustable dumbbell bench is a top quality piece of strength-training equipment designed to withstand the toughest workouts. The bench comes with five back pad adjustment positions and three seat bottom adjustment positions that ensure versatile and challenging upper body workouts. To provide maximum durability, the uprights are built with 3"×4" 7-gauge steel tubes. With its portable design (wheels and handle) the Cybex Big Iron adjustable dumbbell bench meets the needs of the most demanding professional athletes and is an absolute must-have in any gym.

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Weight Benches

Weight Benches are an indispenable piece of equipment for weight training.

In the gym, weight benches tend to be dedicated to one particular exercise, such as incline bench pressing, shoulder pressing etc. For the gm at home, they tend to be adjustable in order to cater for as many exercise variations as possible.

For those who wish to use a weights bench for training at home we would like to offer two very important pieces of advice.

Firstly, if exercising alone with a barbell be mindful of your strength level and lift to within your capability, using a barbell poundage that you are confident of being able to return to the catchers which are attached to the bench. Getting stuck under a heavy barbell is not desirable. You may wish to consider using dumbells for sessions when you are without a training partner or don`t have someone close at hand to assist you.

Secondly, when purchasing your weight bench with a kit we suggest that you spend as much as you can on the bench itself. We`ve known first time buyers selecing a cheap bench so that they can buy a large impressive weights kit. This is not the best way to do this. Spend more of your budget on the weights bench and opt for a modest sized weight kit to start with. As you get stronger, and you surely will, then you can buy more weight plates. And having bought a good weight bench at the outset means that you will not have to endure the cost of buying a second, better one as you outgrow the cheaper one.