Ab Machines

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  • Bodytone E40 Ab Crunch

    * Fully commercial Ab Crunch - 95kg weight stack
    * Hypoallergenic, padded leather seats and backrests 
    * Colour coded weight stacks (Green - Yellow - Red)

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  • Abcrunch SAB1300 Commercial Ab Machine

    * A great designed ab crunch machine
    * Resistance can be increased and decreased
    * Puts no stress on the lower back
    * Can be positioned sideways to hit obliques

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  • Abcrunch GAB400 Ab Training Machine

    * Get the six pack waistline you have always wanted 
    * Adjustable seat for targeting lower and upper abs
    * Seat can be positioned sideways to targe obliques
    * Maximum user weight 125kg


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  • Steelflex Mega Power Oblique Twist MOT-1800

    * Great design with curved steel frame
    * Extra strong cables
    * High quality plates
    * 95kg weight stack can be increased

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  • Steelflex Mega Power Ab Crunch MAM-900

    Steelflex Mega Power Ab Crunch MAM-900

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  • Steelflex Neo Vertical Knee Raise

    * Strong sturdy designed frame
    * Maximum user weight 120kg
    * High density foam grips on the handles
    * Continuous welds at all joints

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Ab Machines

Pursuring those rock hard, chiseled, washboard abs can be a daunting task. However with the use of an ab machine, users can add resistance to the exercise giving a far better than result of 100's of traditional sit ups. There are a variety of abdominal machines out there, some have a crunching action, some have a twisting action to target the obliques and some use the users bodyweight as the resistance.