Power Racks

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  • DKN Heavy Duty Cross Fit Half Rack

    * Designed for performing cross fit exercises
    * Use for training with power bands or suspension trainers
    * Includes a pull up station
    * Suitable for shoulders press, squats, bench press, incline press
    * Compatible with optional DKN Utility Bench and Dip Handles

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  • York FTS Power Cage

    * Strong frame cage designed for smaller gyms
    * 23 position adjustable bar holders
    * Full length safety spot bars 
    * Double bar holders on the front uprights

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  • Bodytone ER1 Evolution Power Rack

    * Heavy Duty Power rack with safety spotters and bar catchers
    * Fitted with a pull-up bar for wide and narrow grip pull-ups

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  • York STS Half Rack

    * High durable scratch resistant frame
    * 2 Single bar holders
    * 2 Welded vertical rear bar holders
    * Includes Combo grip pull up bar
    * 12 Weight storage pegs

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  • Bodytone Solid Rock Power Rack

    * Strong sturdy Power Rack from Bodytone
    * Manufactured in Spain
    * Made from 3mm tubular steel frame
    * Bar holders and Plate holders
    * Different colour options available


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  • Steelflex Neo Power Rack

    * Great for home or gym training
    * Strong 50 x 100mm oval tube frame
    * Continuous welding at all the joints

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  • York STS Power Rack

    * Great sturdy designed frame
    * Includes 12 weight plate posts
    * Has reverse technique scoops
    * Uprights are adjustable 19 positions

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Power Racks

Power racks and half racks give users a safe space to perform technical and potentially heavy lifts in a safe environment. With height adjustable safety catchers the power rack is extremely versatile and caters to both beginners and seasoned pro's.

Combined with an Olympic Barbell and an Adjustable Bench, power rack owners can safely complete an entire workout session within the compact space it occupies.

Exercises such as Squats, Deadlifts, Shrugs, Shoulder press and Lunges are all doable in a supported manner using a power rack giving the user ease of mind and the ability to push themselves to achieve better results.

To add to the versatility of the piece most power racks and half racks include multi-grip pull up bars, and even storage capacity for Olympic weight plates and bars.