Smiths Machines

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  • Inspire Smith Cage System

    • Light commercial smith machine with 6 pull points.
    • 2 x dual height adjustable pulleys
    • 2 x narrow high and low pulleys
    • Includes FID bench, preacher curl and leg developer
    • Dual weight stack totalling 146kg
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  • DKN Heavy Duty Linear Smith Machine

    * Heavy duty steel tube construction
    * Linear bearing Smith system
    * 220 cm solid Olympic lifting bar
    * Hard-chromed solid guide rods
    * Multi-position rack for free weight barbell work-out
    * Optional Pec Deck / Pulley Attachment

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  • Steelflex Mega Power 3D Smith Machine

    * Double rack multi-press
    * Strong sturdy oval steel frame
    * Adjustable weights from front to back
    * Hand grips on the pull up and chin up bar

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  • Steelflex Mega Power Counterbalanced Smith Machine MSM

    * A solid and stable structure
    * Holds up to 450kg
    * 6 storage posts for olympic plates

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  • Bodytone EB33 Evolution Max Rack

    * Solid 3D smith machine power cage
    * Allows for safe vertical and horizontal movement
    * Top mounted pull up bars for wide and narrow grip pull-ups

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  • Bodytone EB01 Evolution Counterbalanced Smith Machine

    * Fully commercial counterbalanced Smith Machine
    * Fixed angle with safety catchers on either side
    * Additional weight plate storage on either side

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Smiths Machines

Invented by "the Godfather of fitness" Jack Lalanne, in pursuit of a safe way to perform his squats without the need of a spotter. The Smith Machine today is one of the most popular pieces of equipment. With an Olympic Bar fixed into position using guide rods, the bar can only move in a vertical motion; and with safety catches running along both uprights, users can simply twist the bar to rack/unrack whilst exercising. LIke a Power Rack, by combining a smith machine with an adjustable bench, users can potentially complete an entire body workout with this piece alone.

Variations of the smith machines include:

Counterbalanced - The weight of the Olympic Bar is counterbalanced and therefore simulates weightlessness. This can help with users suffering from injury or for rehabilitation purposes.

3D Smith Machines - 3D Smith Machines add another dimension allowing users to move forwards and backwards as well as up and down. situated in a somewhat midway point between a power rack and a smith machine. 3D smith machines allow more freedom of movement during the exercise and in turn engages the stabilising muscles that would typically be neglected during the same exercise carried out on a standard smith machine.