WalkDesk WTB100 and Standezza Commercial Sit-Stand desk (182cm)

  • Add another dimension to your work life. Sit, stand and walk with this versatile office friendly package.

  • We've combined our popular WalkDesk base unit with the Standezza extra wide (182cm) Sit-Stand desk, giving you plenty of choice on how to work throughout the day.

  • Customise your desk Now!

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Product Description

Gymworld has combined the WalkDesk WTB100 with the Standezza Commercial extra wide (182cm) desk to bring you an all in one solution to working more actively. 

Sit-Stand desks are becoming extremely popular due to their ability to alternate from sitting to standing by the touch of a button, giving users with chronic back, shoulder and neck pain a chance to alleviate any tension and stretch their legs to get the blood pumping around the body. However, a relatively new innovation allows users to go one step further. By adding a WalkDesk to their Sit-Stand desk, users can also walk at a leisurely pace whilst engaging in day to day tasks.

At first the concept may seem farfetched "walking and typing, you've got to be kidding", however after a short learning period, walking and working will become second nature. Whilst standing and working has its benefits over sitting. Walking is by far a more effective option. By engaging in light leisurely walking your body is constantly at a higher metabolic rate, which in turn begins to burn calories. Users have expressed greater wellbeing and positivity by merely walking 2-3km/h for short periods throughout the day. Don’t believe us? Come see it for yourself in our showroom or call us and speak to a seasoned pro.

Choose your Frame Colour

All Standezza Bases are available in Black, Grey and White

Choose your tabletop

There are 4 colour options of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) tabletop: Black, Grey, White and Wood Grain.

Our 100% Ecological, Organic Bamboo tabletops come in 2 shades: Natural or Amber


Keep your workspace tidy

We have the option of either a horizontal or vertical cable trays to help keep your workspace clutter free and secure all cables and stored out of site.



Optimise your ergonomics

You’ve already to the first step into improving your office wellbeing and obtaining a healthier lifestyle, but there’s always more you can do to further optimise your workspace. Standezza offer a range of ergonomic additions to help improve your posture in aid of preventing chronic aches and pains. These include adjustable monitor mounts, the ball chair and an ergonomic keyboard tray, set at the optimal height ensuring you’ll never need to hunch over at your desk.

Anti-Fatigue Mat?

Standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time can be very uncomfortable, causing physical fatigue, build-up of lactic acid in the legs, causing an aching sensation – especially when wearing shoes that lack supportive cushioning. This aching pain you endure is merely because your leg muscles become constricted as they work overtime keeping your stood up. This in turn reduces blood flow, and can lead to causing pain and discomfort, your heart then has to work overtime to push blood through these constricted muscles draining your energy.

Anti-fatigue mats can lower this pressure on your feet and joints by up to 40%. Relieving strain instantly, providing comfort and reducing fatigue.

All our Anti-Fatigue mats are made from high quality polyurethane to ensure they’re long lasting as well as easy to clean.

Need a Mobile desk?

Add more flexibility to your workspace with a set of castor wheels. The castors add an extra 5cm to the height (which could be
a plus to the taller users) and your desk can be easily moved around the office. The castors and wheels also make no marks
on your office floor.

Additional Information
Additional Information
SKU standezza and walkdesk
Additional Information Soft start and Soft stop feature and emergency
Available Colours White, Grey, Black (Frame) White, Grey, Black, WoodGrain, Bamboo (Tabletop)
Console LED readouts with quick start keys and 5 programs
Console Feedback Steps, distance, time, calories
Dimensions in Use (LxWxH) 195 x 72 x 31cm Walkdesk Base - 78 x 182cm Desk
Folded Dimensions 95 x 72 x 166cm
Folding Yes (WalkDesk base)
Height Adjustability 74 - 133cm
Maximum Capacity 120kg
Maximum User Weight 150kg
Motor 2.5 horse power peak - specifically designed for walking pace and to function quieter
Optional Extras See above
Product Weight 30kg Desk 125kg WalkDesk base
Running Area *Walking* 148 x 51cm
Speed Range 0.8km/h -6km/h
Warranty Mainland GB Warranty, frame: Lifetime - Warranty motor and deck: 3 years - Warranty parts: 2 years - Warranty labour: 1 year. (Upto 6 hrs use per day)
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